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Draft: From the Nobles of Our Ummah

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A History Series given by Sh. Mohammad Al-Shareef (May Allah reward him) about some of the great figures, noble Imams, and influential Scholars of Our Ummah.

A Nation with no knowledge of its History and no connection to its Past, has no hopes for its Future …

The Lectures will be sorted chronologically based on the year of death of each Imam. Most of the lectures were translated already, those which were only found in Arabic were (will be) translated by our  team.

  1. Al Imam Al Nawawi (631- 676 A.H): One of the most unique, influential, respected, and loved Imams of the Muslim Ummah.  He was born in the city of Nawa near Damascus, Syria.  Even though he died at a relatively young age, he left behind numerous works of great importance such as: Al-Arba’un Al-Nawawiya, Riyadh Al-Saliheen, Sharh Sahih Muslim, Al-Majmu’ Sharh al-Muhazab, as well as of plenty of other works. He was a renowned  scholar and jurist who dedicated his life to the pursuit of Islamic learning. In this video,  Sh. Mohammad Musa Al-Shareef highlights some of his qualities and features that made him who he is and what we can learn from his life (Link to Video).
  2. Shaikh Al Islam Ibn Tayymiah (XX-YY H):  (XXLink 1):
  3. Al Imam Abu Muslim Al-Khawlaani (XXLINK)
  4. Al Imam Abu Haneefah (XXLink)
  5. Al Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal (XXLink)
  6. Al Khaleefa ‘Umar Bin Abd Al ‘Aziz (XXLink)
  7. Al Imam Zain Al ‘Aabideen (XXLINK)
  8. Al Imam Junaid Al Baghdadi Ibn Al Qasim (XXLINK)
  9. Al Imam Ali Bin Musa Ar-Rida: (XXLINK)
  10. Al Sultaan Nur Ad-Din Zanki (XXLINK)
  11. Khadeejah Bint Khuwaiylid (XXLINK)
  12. Al Imam Ash-Shafi’ee (XXLINK)
  13. Al Imam Abu Ja’far Muhammed Al-Baqir (XXLIN)
  14. Al Qa’id Mohmmad Al Fateh (XXLINK)
  15. Al-Imam Al-Hasan (XXLINK)
  16. Imam Hasan Al-Basari (XXLINK)
  17. Abu Muslim Al-Khawlaani (XXLINK)
  18. Mustafa As-Sabaii (XXLINK)
  19. Abu A’alah Al-Mawdudy (XXLINK)
  20. Abdullah Bin Mubarak (XXLINK)
  21. Al-Imam Sufyan Al-Thawri (XXLINK)
  22. Al-Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussain (XXLINK)
  23. Abu Ja’far Ibn ‘Ali (XXLINK – Part2XX)
  24. ‘Umar Mukhtar (XXLINK1LINK2)
  25. Imam Abdul Aziz Bin Baz (XXLINK1LINK2XX)
  26. Al Shaikh Ahmed Yaseen (XXL1L2L3L4)
  27. Al Imam Ash-Shokani (XXLINK)
  28. Ahmad ibn Irfan Ash-Shaheed
  29. Abu Hasan Ali An-Nadawi
  30. Muhammad Al-Khattaabi
  31. Izz Ad-Deen Ibn Abdul Salam
  32. Abdul Rasheed Ibraheem
  33. Muhammad ash-Shawkaani
  34. Al-Shaikh Mohammad Bin Mahmoud As-Sawwaf
  35. Muhammad al-Shaybani

Check following link for missing lectures + Search Arabic lectures on youtube:

Plan: Add short description of each Imam, followed by wikipedia link of them if availabe or a link to a small biography of them in one of your posts, then Sh. Al-Shareef’s lecture link