Q: What would it mean to you if a Chinese Prophet comes and says that the evidence of his Prophethood is a miraculous book in the Chinese language, and challenges you to bring a book like it?!


If you looked at his life and saw that he is a truthful, honest, and pious man, who was never accused of lying or immorality, and reached the highest levels of worship and asceticism in this Life. Thereafter you looked at the meanings in that book which he says was revealed to him by God, and saw that it is a book calling to virtuous manners, wisdom in legislation, and purity in Belief, in line with the true Fitrah and the rational mind, then [you saw that] he spoke about matters of the unseen which occurred [as he said]. You then saw that he challenged his Chinese nation, who were plenty in number and held animosity towards him, to bring a Book like the one he brought, yet they remained incapable of doing so, and chose instead to fight him and wage wars against him. You also found that with all that, his followers remained increasing in number as the time passed, and not decreasing, and that the proofs he brought are continuous, the evidence of his Truthfulness remain, and the miraculous nature of his challenge and the inability of [his people to meet that challenge] are still established, then he is undoubtedly a Prophet, for the Truthful does not lie, and the delusional does not remain in that state of delusion, and Allah does not support with the unseen and with miracles except whom He entrusted with His Revelation, otherwise he would be luring the people.

And the Prophethood of a Prophet could not be established by clearer than this, otherwise, there wouldn’t have been Prophethood, and Allah would have left the people in vain and with no purpose. Therefore, all what preceded should be considered, since there is no other way to realize the truthfulness of he who is transmitting Revelation from Allah, with whatever tongue [that revelation] was done in, for whoever is transmitting revelation ought to do it in the tongue in which he speaks. Now asking about a specific language rather than another is merely futile argumentation, since there is no substitute to this in this worldly life (i.e. for Allah to send a truthful Messenger with a Message which he transmits to the people with the tongue in which he speaks), unless Allah chooses to reveal Himself to His creation, and that is contrary to the wisdom behind the test for which Allah created Man, which is meant to reveal the evil doers from the doers of good, and consequentially would result in the reward or punishment [of the Hereafter].




ماذا يعني لك أن يأتي نبي صيني يقول: أنّ دليل صدقه هو كتاب معجز باللغة الصينية ويتحدّاك أن تأتي بمثله ؟!.

إذا نظرت في سيرته ووجدته صادقا تقيا ورعا، لم يرم بكذب ولا فجور، وهو إلى الغاية في العبادة والزهد في الدنيا، ثم نظرت في معاني كتابه الذي يقول إن الله أوحى به إليه فوجدت فيه الفضائل الأخلاقية والحكمة التشريعية والاعتقاد الصافي الموافق للفطر والعقول، ثم قد أخبر بالغيب الواقع، ثم وجدته تحدى أمته الصينية كثيرة العدد متوافرة العداوة على أن يأتوا بمثل كتابه، فلم يقدروا، واستعاضوا عن ذلك بقتاله وحربه، ثم تابعه فئام عظيمة من الناس، دهرا طويلا يزيدون لا ينقصون، وبرهانه مستمر ودلائل صدقه قائمة ولا زال إعجازه وتعجيزه مستمرا = فلابد أنه نبي إذن، فإن الصادق لا يكذب، والمتوهم لا يستمر وهمه، والله لا يؤيد بالغيوب والمعجزات إلا من أمنه على وحيه وإلا أغرى بالناس. ولا يمكن الاستدلال على نبوة نبي بأبلغ من ذلك، وإلا لم تكن نبوات، وكان الله ترك الناس سدى وعبثا، ولكان أجدى ألا يكون الله موجودا إذ لا يصح أن يكون على هذه الصفة من العبث والإهمال والظلم، ولكن الله قطعا موجود، فيجب أن يصح كل ما سبق لأنه لا سبيل غيره لمعرفة صدق من يبلغ عن الله، بأي لسان كان، فلابد للمبلغ من لسان يتكلم به، والسؤال عن لسان دون لسان معاياة ومكابرة لأنه لا بديل لذلك في دنيا الناس، إلا مشافهة الله للخلق بربوبيته، وهذا خلاف حكمة الابتلاء الذي يترتب عليه ظهور المفسد من المصلح وترتب النعيم والعذاب.


Amr Basyouni