Abstract: “To the callers of Nationalism I say: Die in your rage!

A Brief Word

كلمة صغيرة

Published in 1954 [1]

By: Shaykh Ali Tantawi

الشيخ علي طنطاوي

(may Allah shower him with Mercy)

Translated by: Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem Translation Team ©



Sh. Ahmad Deedat in a visit to Sh. Ali Tantawi (around 1994) [2]


What do the members of one family do?

They all live together in one home, they eat on one table, they start their day together, and end their day together. They share with each other [feelings of] mutual love and compassion. They feel for the sick and ask about the absent. They stand together as one line in the face of the various events and afflictions.

Isn’t this the description of one Family?

We are then one Family.

That is what I said to myself when we were in the conference [3], and among us was a Moroccan, an Algerian, a Tunisian, an Egyptian, an Iraqi, a Syrian, a Lebanese, a Jordanian, a Palestinian, and other brothers from Iran, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Caucasus, and others who I do not remember right now … Around 70 men who had never met before, and none had even heard the others name before. Each one from among them wearing a different outfit from the other, speaking with a different tongue from the other, and having different features from the other.

If you strived to gather all these various and contrasting people –externally- , you couldn’t have gathered a more diverse group than this group.

However, this group resided in one hotel, and ate on one table. They stood up for prayers in one line, behind one Imam. Some fell ill (and I was among those who fell ill) and the rest altogether showed him great [mercy and] compassion. One of them died, so the remaining were deeply saddened by that. Each one of us felt from the very first hour that he is among his brothers, [brothers] whom he had known and they have known him for ages, he loves them and they love him.

How did this miracle come to be?

How was it that all these various kingdoms of Islam gathered altogether in that Hotel, and were as if they were one family [with a bond] which most families that are connected by blood and lineage would hope that they would share just a fraction of what this family has, from the different aspects of love and the ties of compassion?

How was it that in one short moment, all those barriers of language, countries, costumes, and ideas faded away, such that it would appear that there isn’t among them an Arab, a Persian, a Turkish, a Kurd, a Caucasian, a blonde man and another dark skinned, neither is there anyone close and another distant?

How was it that all what the enemies of Islam spent long centuries in building, from the hurdles they placed for establishing unity in our religion and obstacles they placed in establishing brotherhood for Allah’s sake, was destroyed in a single day?

That is the secret of Islam.

So say to the callers of Nationalism: Die in your rage; for the future belongs to us. You have set up a fort, but it is a fort made of ice, which once the sun of Islam rises again, it would turn into puddles of mud for our feet to step on.

* * * * *


[1] Fusul fi al-Da’wah wa al-Islah (فصول في الدعوة والإصلاح) p. 293 – 294

[2] Reference for pictures: https://alsiratalmustaqeem.wordpress.com/2015/10/09/calling-to-the-foundations-before-the-branches/

[3] The conference was The Islamic conference for saving Palestine which was held in Jerusalem during late 1953. You can refer to its details in episode 138 from the book “al-Zikrayat”, and it can be found in the 5th volume.