Shaykh Saeed Al-Kamali (may Allah preserve him) in this video gives a brief introduction to Imam Al-Layth ibn Saa’d, Shaykh al-Islam, al-Hafiz, and the Imam of the people of Egypt.

A man whom Allah had blessed with abundant wealth, yet never had to pay Zakah throughout his life!


These are my fathers, so bring me anyone like them ***

If we ever gather, Oh Jareer, in a gathering.

أولئك آبائي فجئني بمثلهم *** إذا جمعتنا يا جرير المجامع

Imam al-Dhahabi (May Allah have mercy on him) said [1]: [He is] Al-Imam, Al-Hafiz, Shaykh Al-Islam, and the Scholar of the Egyptian Land, Abu al-Harith.

He was born in the year of 94H, and died in the year of 175H.


[1] Siyar A’laam Al-Nubalaa 8/136-163

[2] The approximate value of 1,000 Dinars today can be estimated as follow:

  • Given that 20 Dinars is the Nisaab of Zakaah and is around 85 grams of Gold.
  • 1,000 Dinars would thus be 4.250 kg of Gold, equivalent to $167,450 USD on the day of this post.