Sh. Mustafa Al-Tantawi (d. 1925CE) – Father of Sh. Ali Tantawi

Sh. Mustafa ibn Ahmad ibn Ali ibn Mustafa, the father of Shaykh Ali al-Tantawi, May Allah have mercy on them.

Mustafa Al-Tantawi

He was from the scholars known for their knowledge among the scholars of Shaam (Levant), and to him the responsibility of [issuing] Fatwas in Damascus was passed.

He (may Allah have mercy on him) was from the lead Jurists and one of the respected teachers and educators.

Sh. Mustafa worked as a school principal, in the same school Sh. Ali was educated in. That school spanned all grades, from Kindergarten to High School. After he left his work in the school in 1918 CE, he worked as the Head of the Diwan (Council) of the Court of Appeals.

He continued to work there until the time of his death in 1925 CE.

Shaykh Ali was 16 years old at the time.

May Allah have mercy on him