Sh. al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah shower him with Mercy) said:

"And if he finds someone who is in dire need of the water that is with him, then he should give it to him to drink and perform Tayamum instead,

And whoever performs Ghusl or ablution and there is someone who is in dire need [of this water] from the people of the Millah (our Religion) or from the people of the Dhimmah (non-Muslims), or [even] their animals whose sanctity is preserved, yet does not quench their thirst then he is a disobedient sinner!"


[1] Majmou’ al-Fatawa ​4/392​

[2] Benefitted from:



قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية : "لو وجد غيره مضطراً إلى ما معه من الماء فعليه أن يسقيه إياه ويعدل إلى التيمم، ومن اغتسل وتوضأ وهناك مضطر من أهل الملة أو الذمة أو دوابهم المعصومة فلم يسقه كان آثما عاصيا!".ـ