Ibn Hazm (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

"I am certain that there has not been authored in Islam [a Tafseer] equal to the Tafseer of Baqi ibn Makhlad, neither the Tafseer of Muhammad ibn Jarir, or anyone else" [1-5]


[1] Nafh al-Teeb 2/519

[2] The above quote is in relation to unconfirmed news which came out in late November 2014 that a manuscript of the Tafseer of Baqi, thought to be long lost, was found in Turkey.

[3] Imam al-Dhahabi said about Baqi ibn Makhlad (may Allah shower him with Mercy): “He was an Imam, a Mujtahid, righteous, godly, truthful, sincere, a head when it comes to knowledge and action, none of his contemporaries were like him. He used to issue his fatwas based on the Athar (reported traditions), and did not imitate anyone”. He also said about him: “Through Baqi ibn Makhlad and Muhammad ibn Wadaah Andalusia turned into a land of Hadith”.

Imam al-Dhahabi also said of him: “Abu Ubaidah states that: Baqi used to complete the recitation of the Quran every night, in 13 Rak’ahs of night prayers. He used to pray 100 Rak’ahs during the daytime, and observes constant fast. He participated plenty in Jihad, and it is nararted about him that he participated in 72 battles”.

May Allah have mercy on him

قال الذهبي أنه: «ببقي بن مخلد، وبمحمد بن وضاح صارت الأندلس دار حديث»، كما قال عنه: «كان إمامًا مجتهدًا صالحًا، ربانيًا صادقًا مخلصًا، رأسًا في العلم والعمل، عديم المثل، منقطع القرين، يفتي بالأثر، ولا يقلد أحدًا.» ـ

نقل الذهبي أيضا عنه: ذكر أبو عبيدة صاحب القبلة قال : كان بقي يختم القرآن كل ليلة ، في ثلاث عشرة ركعة ، وكان يصلي بالنهار مائة ركعة ، ويصوم الدهر . وكان كثير الجهاد ، فاضلا ، يذكر عنه أنه رابط اثنتين وسبعين غزوة

[4] Ibn Katheer (may Allah shower him with mercy) said in al-Bidaya wa al-Nihaya 11/94: Baqi ibn Mikhlad ibn Yazeed, Abu Abdurahman al-Andalusi, the Hafiz and one of the scholars of the west. He authored: "Al-Tafseer", "Al-Musnad", and "Al-Sunan wa Al-Athaar", which Ibn Hazm favored over the Tafseer of Ibn Jareer, the Musnad of Ahmad, and the Musanaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah, and what was claimed by Ibn Hazm is disputed.

قال ابن كثير في البداية والنهاية : بقي بن مخلد بن يزيد أبو عبد الرحمن الأندلسي الحافظ أحد علماء الغرب له " التفسير " و " المسند " و " السنن والآثار " التي فضلها ابن حزم على تفسير ابن جرير ومسند أحمد ومصنف ابن أبي شيبة وفيما زعم ابن حزم نظر.

[5] Benefited from: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1515431705403011&id=100008085876672

قال ابن حزم : "أقطعُ أنه لم يُؤلَّف في الإسلام مثل تفسير بقيّ بن مخلد، لا تفسير محمد بن جرير، ولا غيره ! "ـ

نفح الطيب ٥١٩/٢