During the time of Jahiliya, a man from among the Arab whenever he would see another being unjust and oppressing others, he would say: “So-and-so will never have a normal death”, and it would be as he says.

One time a man, who he had said this about, died so he was told: So-and-so died and had a normal death.

He did not accept that [news at first], until the same matter was reported by many [different people affirming this].

So he said:

If you are Truthful [in what you said], then there shall be an abode other than this you are in (i.e. other than the Dunia) in which you will be [judged and] recompensed in!


[1] ‘Uyoun Al-Akhbaar – Ibn Qutaybah

[2] Benefited from: https://www.facebook.com/ALBaQeLLany/posts/859089707518863

كان رجل من العرب في الجاهلية إذا رأى رجلا يظلم ويعتدي يقول: فلان لا يموت سويا. فيرون ذلك حتى مات رجل ممن قال ذلك فيه فقيل له: مات فلان سويا. فلم يقبل حتى تتابعت الأخبار. فقال: إن كنتم صادقين: فإن لكم دارا سوى هذه تجازون فيها!ـ