It is narrated that a man once asked Bilal (may Allah be well pleased with him) as Bilal was approaching from the direction of the race track, he asked: Who was victorious?

So Bilal (may Allah be well pleased with him) said: Those who will be nearest to Allah.

So the questioner said: I was asking you about the horses.

Bilal said: And I answered you with [what will bring you] good!


[1] Muhadaraat Al-Udabaa by Al-Raaghib al-Asgahaani

[2] Benefited from Abu Laila Al-Baqellany:

روي أن رجلا سأل بلالا وقد أقبل من الحلبة: من سبق؟، فقال: المقربون، فقال السائل: سألتك عن الخيل، فقال: أنا أجبتك بالخير!ـ


APRIL 26, 2009 - Horse Racing : The Horse racing event at Tokyo race course on April 26, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Tsutomu Takasu)