Al-Fudayl b. Iyaad said: "If this Dunia was presented to me with all what’s in it lawfully, but I would be asked about it in the Hereafter …

I would have avoided it with loathe, as one of you avoids a carcass with disgust lest it affects his garment" [1-2]


[1] Ghurar Al-Khasael Al-Wadiha 1/55

[2] Benefited from:

قال الفضيل بن عياض : لو عرضت علي الدنيا بحذافيرها ..حلالاً أحاسب عليها في الآخرة .. لكنت أتقذرها كما يتقذر أحدكم الجيفة إذا مر بها أن تصيب ثوبه .