Muhammad ibn Mus’ab Al-Qarfasaani said:

Al-Awzaai narrated to me that Abu Ja’far [Al-Mansour –the Caliph-], Amir Al Mu’mineen,  sent for him [to come and see him], while Imam Al-Awzaai was at the coast.

Imam Al-Awzaai said: So I came to him.

When I reached him, I greeted [and addressed] him as the Caliph, and he answered me back.

He asked me to sit down, and then he said: What caused you to delay from coming to us, Oh Awzaai?

So I said: And what is that you need from me, Oh Amir Al Mu’mineen?

He said: I want to learn from you and take from [your knowledge].

I said: Oh Amir Al Mu’mineen, verily you are not ignorant of anything I will narrate to you.

He said: And how can I not be ignorant of it when I am asking you about it, and I have sent for you for it and brought you here because of it?

I said: You may listen to it but not act upon it.

Al-Awzaai said: So Al-Rabee’ [1] yelled at me and grabbed hold of his sword.

Al-Mansour stopped him, and said: This is a gathering of reward and learning, and not one of punishment.

Al-Awzaai said: So I felt relaxed and became content with speaking, and said: …

To Be Continued …


[1] He is Al-Rabee’ b. Yunus, was the gate keeper of Abu Ja’far Al-Mansour

[2] Tahzeeb Hilyat al-Awliyaa