Wahb b. Munabih said:

“A man from among the worshippers passed by another man, who he found stressed, with his head lowered, so he said to him: What is the matter with you?

So he said: I am surprised about the condition of so-and-so, [where after] he had reached that elevated state in worship, he turned back [and returned] to the people of the Dunia.

So he said to him: Do not be surprised by those who turn back [and return], rather be surprised by those who remain steadfast!” [1][2]


[1] Al-Zuhd – Ibn al-Mubarak 1/190

[2] Benefitted from:

وهب بن منبه يقول: " مر رجل من العباد على رجل فوجده مهموما منكسا، فقال: ما شأنك، أراك منكسا؟ فقال: أعجبني أمر فلان، قد بلغ من العبادة ما قد علمت، ثم رجع إلى أهل الدنيا، فقال: لا تعجب ممن يرجع، ولكن اعجب ممن يستقيم!"ـ