Abu Amr Al-Awzaa’i said:

If Allah wished to deprive His slave from the Blessings of knowledge, He would acquaint his tongue to Aghaaleet [1, 2].


[1] Al-Aghaateet are the obscure vague matters and topics, which are asked not for the purpose of benefitting or seeking knowledge, but rather are intended to dispute and disagree with scholars, bring them to fault (mughalatat al-ulamaa), as well as to show off knowledge of these obscure matters in front of them.

Al-Hasan Al-Basri (may Allah shower him with Mercy) said: The worst of the slaves of Allah are the ones who come with the worst of questions; causing disputes, confusions, and difficulties to the slaves of Allah.

[2] Jaami’ Bayaan al-‘Ilm wa Fadlih 2/178

قال عن الأوزاعي: إذا أراد الله أن يحرم عبده بركة العلم ألقى على لسانه الأغاليط
وروينا عن الحسن، أنه قال: إن شرار عباد الله الذين يجيئون بشرار المسائل يعنتون بها عباد الله.ـ