Ghanjar (may Allah have mercy on him) said in his ‘Tareekh’ as was mentioned in the introduction of Fath al-Bari: I heard Abu Amr Ahmad b. Muhammad say, I heard Abu Saeed Bakr ibn Muneer saying:

Prince Khaled b. Muhammad Al-Zuhli, the governor of Bukhara, sent for Muhammad b. Ismael [al-Bukhari] a messenger with this message: Bring for me the books “Al-Jaami’” (i.e. the Saheeh) and “Al-Tareekh” so that I can hear them from you.

So Muhammad b. Ismael said to the messenger:

Tell him that I do not humiliate knowledge, and I do not carry it to the doors of the Sultans, so if he had any need for it then let him come to me in my Masjid or to my home, and if he does not like that, then he is the Sultan, so let him prevent me from my lessons; so that I may have an excuse in front of Allah on the Day of Judgement that I did not hold back the knowledge.

He said (i.e. the narrator of this story): So that was the cause of the bitterness that was between them.


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