The mother of Muhammad ibn Ka’b al-Qarzi (may Allah shower them with Mercy) said to him once:

O my son! Had I not known you to be pure [and kind-hearted] when you were young, and pure [and kind-hearted] as you became old, I would have thought that you have committed a devastating sin from what I see you doing to yourself night and day (i.e. from worship and recitation)!

So he answered her saying:

O my mother! And what guarantees me that Allah didn’t look at me while I was engaged in one of my sins and despised me for it, and said: Stay away for I shall not forgive you!

And yet with that, the marvels of the Quran keep me engaged and contemplating upon matters [throughout the night], to the point where the night ends and I am not sufficed …


[1] Tareekh Dimashq 55/143; Hilyat al-Awliyaa 3/214

[2] Benefitted from:

محمد بن كعب القرظي ، رحمه الله، قالت له أمُّه: (يا بني! لولا أني أعرفك صغيرًا طيبًا، وكبيرًا طيبًا؛ لظننتُ أنك أحدثتَ ذنبًا موبقًا، لما أراك تصنع بنفسك في الليل والنهار)!

فأجابها: (يا أماه! وما يؤمّنني أن يكون الله قد اطلع عليَّ وأنا في بعض ذنوبي فمقتني وقال: اذهب لا أغفر لك ؟!

مع أن عجائبَ القرآن تردني على أمور، حتى إنه لينقضي الليلُ ولم أفرغ من حاجتي) !

كل حرف في كلام الأم والولد !
رحمه الله