The Noble Imam Al-Dhahabi (may Allah shower him with Mercy) did not write a biography of himself in his book Siyar A’laam Al-Nubala, although he mentioned many of his contemporaries and peers.

However, he wrote a very brief biography of himself, which spanned only a few lines, in another one of his books. These little lines demonstrate and exemplify Imam Al-Dhahabi’s great humbleness, and serves as a lesson and a reminder for all. In it he mentions his name, the year of his birth, lists a few of his scholars, and then he says:

“… and he authored some books, which were said to be useful, and the Jama’ah out of their kindness mention him with praise, but he knows himself better, and how lacking he is in both knowledge and action, and indeed Allah is the One whose help is sought, and their is no might except through Him, and if only my Faith was accepted from me then how victorious will I be!”

May Allah shower him with Mercy.


[1] Al-Mu’gham al-Mukhtass Bil-Muhaditheen p. 97

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ترجم الذهبي لنفسه ترجمة مختصرة جدا لا تزيد على ستة أسطر، ليس فيها إلا اسمه وسنة ميلاده وبعض مشايخه وختمها بقوله:
"وجمع تواليف , يقال مفيدة , والجماعة يتفضلون ويثنون عليه، وهو أخبر بنفسه في العلم، والله المستعان ولا قوة إلا به، وإذا سلم لي إيماني فيا فوزي!"
رحمه الله