Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote to ‘Amir ibn ‘Abd al-Qays, saying:

“I have left you upon a matter [of steadfastness] and have heard that you have changed, so if you are still upon that which I left you then Fear Allah and remain [steadfast], and if you are as what has reached me then Fear Allah and return!”


[1] Al-Zuhd by Imam Ahmad 1/224

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كتب ابو موسى الاشعري الى عامر بن عبد قيس العنبري من عبد الله الى عامر ابن عبد الله الذي يدعى عبد قيس اما بعد فاني عهدتك على امر وبلغني انك تغيرت فان كنت على ما عهدتك فاتق الله ودم وان كنت تغيرت فاتق الله وعد!ـ