A young man, dragging his garment [on the ground], passed by Silah ibn al-Ashyam and his companions. The companions of Silah were about to verbally attack that man, so Silah said to them: “Leave me, and I shall settle this matter for you”.

Then he said to him: O my nephew, I have one favour to ask from you.

He said: And what is it?

So Silah said: I wish from you to raise you garment.

So the young man replied: Yes, with my love and pleasure!

And he raised his garment!

So Silah said to his companions: “Isn’t that much better than what you wanted to do, and had you insulted and harmed him, he would have insulted you back” [1]


[1] Hilyat al-Awliyaa 2/238

[2] Benefitted from Br. Abu Laila al-Baqellany https://www.facebook.com/ALBaQeLLany/posts/796945653733269

مر بصلة بن أشيم فتى يجر ثوبه فهمّ أصحاب صلة أن يأخذوه بألسنتهم أخذا شديدا فقال صلة: دعوني أكفكم أمره. ثم قال له: يا بن أخي إن لي إليك حاجة!
قال: وما هي؟
قال: أحب أن ترفع إزارك. قال: نعم ونعمى عين! فرفع إزاره
فقال صلة لأصحابه: هذا أمثل مما أردتم لو شتمتموه وآذيتموه لشتمكم!