Imam Abu Amr al-Awzaai (may Allah shower him with Mercy) said:

“O son of Adam, act for your own good and hasten, for indeed you have been surrounded from all directions!

Moan like the moaning of a war captive [who has been burdened by his] chains and shackles [1].

Do not let the remainder of your life [perish] for [the sake of] this Dunia and for chasing after it throughout the boundaries of this Earth.

Be sufficed with what has reached you from it, and submit [to Allah] in obedience.

Seek consolation by [remembering] your day of poverty and need and be occupied with gaining safety.

Indeed, you are in a [constant] state of travel till [your time of] death [arrives], being chased by it while sleeping and when you are awake.

Remember the sleeplessness of the people of the Fire in their everlasting eternity, and be fearful that you would be taken from in front of Allah -the Exalted- to the fires of Hell and that that moment would be your last meeting with Him … At that point all your hopes will surely end.

Always remember that you are very close to your destination and what is left is only little, so set your aims carefully with patience and honour.

Favour spending the remainder of your life [in what benefits] rather than to waste it for the sake of this worldly-life, and take from this Life that which will benefit your and free you in the Hereafter, and leave from [this worldly-life] that which would preoccupy from [the Hereafter] [2]”.


[1] And what he (may Allah have mercy on him) may be referring to is the burden of being chained by your sins.

[2] al-Jarh w al-Ta’deel by ibn Abi Hatem 1/218


روى عبد الله بن إسماعيل ابن بنت الإمام عن أبيه أنه قال: وجدت في كتب الأوزاعي بخط يده:ـ

ـ"يا ابن آدم اعمل لنفسك وبادر فقد أتيت من كل جانب، وأعول كعويل الأسير المكبل، ولا تجعل بقية عمرك للدنيا، وطلبها في أطراف الأرض، حسبك ما بلغك منها ستسلم طائعاً وتعز بيوم فقرك وفاقتك واسعاً في طلب الأمان فإنك في سفر إلى الموت يطرد بك نائماً ويقظان، واذكر سهر أهل النار في خُلد أبداً، وتخوّف أن ينصرف بك من عند الله إلى النار، فيكون ذلك آخر العهد بالله عز وجل وينقطع الرجاء، واذكر أنك قد راهقت الغاية وإنما بقي الرمق، فسدد تصبراً وتكرماً، وارغب عن أن تفني بقية عمرك للدنيا، وخذ منها ما يفرغك لآخرتك، ودع من الدنيا ما يشغلك عن الآخرة".ـ