It is narrated about Wakee’ [ibn al-Jaraah] (may Allah shower him with mercy) that a man was harsh and rude to him, so Wakee’ entered his home, covered his face with dust, went out again to the man and said:

"Increase in what you were doing to Wakee’, [for indeed it is] because of his sins, for if it was not for them you wouldn’t have been given power over him"


[1] Siyar A’laam al-Nubalaa 9/155

[2] Benefited from Br. أبو ليلى الباقلاني

روي عن وكيع: أن رجلا أغلظ له، فدخل بيتا، فعفر وجهه، ثم خرج إلى الرجل، فقال: زد وكيعا بذنبه، فلولاه، ما سلطت عليه