Ibn al-Qayim said:

If Allah –Glorified is He- had forgiven the one who had quenched the thirst of a very thirsty dog, so what would be the case for he who quenches the thirst, feeds the hungry, and clothes the unclothed from among the Muslims? [1-2]


[1] ‘Udat al-Sabireen 1/216 – Ibn al-Qayim

[2] Benefitted from:


قال ابن القيم رحمه الله: واذا كان الله سبحانه قد غفر لمن سقى كلبا على شدة ظمأه فكيف بمن سقى العطاش وأشبع الجياع وكسى العراة من المسلمين

Muslims in need (al-sirat al-mustaqeem)