A fils [1] fell from Abdul Malik ibn Marawan in a dirty well, so he hired a man to retrieve it in return for 13 Dinars [2]!

So he was told: You pay all this amount to retrieve a fils?!

So he answered: On it was the name of Allah [3-4].


[1] A coin with minimal monetary value.

[2] 1 Dinar is 4.24 grams of Gold, so 13 Dinars would be around 55.12 grams of 22k Gold (equivalent today to ~ $2,195)

[3] Reported by Al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab al-Iman 2/228 # 1601

[4] https://www.facebook.com/laqetaldorar/posts/582697425150456

سقط من عبدالملك بن مروان فلسٌ في بئر قذرة، فاستأجر رجلاً ليخرجه بثلاثة عشر ديناراً !!ـ
فقيل له: فلسٌ تخرجه بهذا المبلغ؟
فقال: عليه اسم الله ..!!ـ