A Mother’s Heart


Ibrahim Al-Munzir

Translated by: Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem

A touching poem describing a mother’s heart and the mercy it carries for its children.

أغرى امرؤٌ يوماً غُلاماً جاهلاً
بنقوده حتى ينال به الوطرْ

A man tempted an ignorant lad one day, *
With his money, so that he may achieve a certain goal

قال : ائتني بفؤادِ أمك يا فتى
ولك الدراهمُ والجواهر والدررْ

He said: Get me your Mother’s heart, young boy *
And to you I shall give [all] the money, jewels, and pearls [you wish]

فمضى وأغرز خنجراً في صدرها
والقلبُ أخرجهُ وعاد على الأثرْ

So he rushed, and planted a dagger in her Chest! *
And the Heart he extracted, and quickly returned.

لكنه من فرطِ سُرعته هوى
فتدحرج القلبُ المُعَفَّرُ إذا عثرْ

However, from his excessive speed, he tripped *
And the ripped heart rolled on the ground as he fell

ناداه قلبُ الأمِ وهو مُعفَّـرٌ: ـ
ولدي، حبيبي، هل أصابك من ضررْ؟

His mother’s heart called to him as he fell, and said: *
My son, my beloved, did any harm befall you?

فكأن هذا الصوتَ رُغْمَ حُنُوِّهِ
غَضَبُ السماء على الوليد قد انهمرْ

With that voice and all its Mercy, *
The Wrath of the Heavens upon the boy started to shower!

ورأى فظيع جنايةٍ لم يأتها
أحدٌ سواهُ مُنْذُ تاريخِ البشرْ

And he realized the awfulness of a crime, which none *
Before him dared ever to commit

وارتد نحو القلبِ يغسلهُ بما
فاضتْ به عيناهُ من سيلِ العِبرْ

He rushed towards the heart so that he may wash it with, *
What his eyes was shedding from tears of sorrow

ويقول: يا قلبُ انتقم مني ولا
تغفرْ ، فإن جريمتي لا تُغتفرْ

And he said: O heart, seek your revenge from me, and do not *
Forgive, for my sin is indeed unforgivable!

واستلَّ خنجرهُ ليطعنَ صدرهُ
طعناً سيبقى عبرةً لمن اعتبرْ

And he pulled his dagger, so that he may stab himself *
Viscously, so that he may remain an example to those who follow

ناداه قلبُ الأمِّ: كُفَّ يداً ولا
تذبح فؤادي مــرتــيــنِ عـــلـــى الأثـرْ

The mother’s heart called to him and said:
Stop my dear son and don’t *
Stab my heart two times in a row.


Stabbed Heart 2


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