A beautiful aspect from the life of Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (May Allah shower him with Mercy) which shows how diligent he was in calling to Allah.

Imam Ibn Abdul-Hadi (May Allah shower him with Mercy) said:

“And when he (i.e. Shaykh Al-Islam) was imprisoned, he saw the other prisoners busying themselves with different kinds of play and distracting themselves from that which they are in, [with matters] such as [playing] chess, dice, and other things which caused them to miss [and neglect] their prayers.

So the Shaykh strongly denounced this from them, and  commanded them to adhere to prayers and to draw close to Allah with [various] righteous deeds, and to perform Tasbeeh (glorifying Allah), Istighfaar (asking Allah for forgiveness), and supplications. He taught them from the Sunnah that which they would need, and directed them towards acts of goodness, and kept encouraging them until the prison and all what’s in it turned to a place dedicated to knowledge and religion, much more than what can be found in many of the Zawaya, Rubt, Khawaaniq, and Madaaris (i.e. places dedicated to worship and learning). When a group of those imprisoned were released, they [refused to leave and] chose to stay [in prison] with him.

Those who would frequent him [in prison] were so plenty, to the point where the prison became filled with them”.


[1] Al-‘Uqood Al-Dariya fee Zikr Manaqib Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiya by Ibn Abdil Haadi p. 330-331

[2] Benefitted from our brother Abu Laila Al-Baqellany (May Allah reward him)  https://www.facebook.com/ALBaQeLLany/posts/633655326728970

قال الإمام ابن عبد الهادي رحمه الله (( ولمّا دخل الحبس _ أي شيخ الإسلام _ وجد المحابيس مشتغلين بأنواع ٍمن اللعب يلتهون بها عمّا هم فيه كالشطرنج والنرد ونحو ذالك من تضييع الصلوات ، فأنكر الشيخ ذالك عليهم أشد الإنكار ، وأمرهم بملازمة الصلاة والتوجه إلى الله بالأعمال الصالحة ، والتسبيح ، والاستغفار ، والدعاء ، وعلّمهم من السنّة ما يحتاجون إليه، ورغّبهم في أعمال الخير ، وحضّهم على ذلك ، حتى صار الحبس بما فيه من الاشتغال بالعلم والدين ؛ خيرا من كثير من الزوايا ، والربط ، والخوانق ، والمدارس ، وصار خلق من المحابيس إذا أطلقوا يختارون الإقامة عنده ، وكثر المترددون إليه حتى كان السجن يمتلئ منهم ))
العقود الدرية في ذكر مناقب شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية لابن عبد الهادي ص330 / 331

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