"And for this reason, you see the layperson is better in his Creed and Sincerity than many of the Students of Knowledge, who have no concern other than [asking]:

What is your view on So-and-so?

And what do you say about the following book? Or about what so-and-so wrote?

This is what leaves the slave of Allah at loss and detaches his heart from Allah –Exalted and Glorified is He-, and leaves him with no concern but what this person said and what that person said. 

So my advice to every person is:

To approach Allah –Exalted and Glorified is He- and leave people and their disputes, for this is the best thing”


[1] Liqaa Al-Bab Al-Maftouh # 232

[2] Benefited from:

 ولهذا ترى العامي خيراً في عقيدته وإخلاصه من كثير من طلاب العلم، الذين ليس لهم هم إلا الأخذ والرد، والقيل والقال، وماذا تقول يا فلان؟ وماذا تقول في الكتاب الفلاني؟ وفيما كتبه فلان، هذا هو الذي يضيع العبد ويسلب قلبه عن الله عز وجل، ولا يجعل له هماً إلا القيل والقال.
فنصيحتي لكل إنسان: أن يكون مقبلاً على الله عز وجل، وأن يدع الناس وخلافاتهم، هذا أحسن شيء.ـ

الشيخ ابن عثيمين رحمه الله