Ibn Hazm (May Allah shower him with Mercy) said:

And there is no one with a more fragile religion than he who authenticates a narration when it matches his desires, and weakens it when it opposes his desires. The only thing the performer of this holds on to from the Religion is from deception.


[1] Al-Muhala 6/72

[2] Benefitted from Br. Abu Laila Al-Baqellany: https://www.facebook.com/ALBaQeLLany/posts/620390451388791

قال ابن حزم: ولا أرق دينا ممن يوثق رواية إذا وافقت هواه ويوهنها إذا خالفت هواه فما يتمسك فاعل هذا من الدين إلا بالتلاعب