From these Scholars is al-Imam Abu Hatem Muhammad ibn Idrees Al-Raazi (May Allah shower him with Mercy) (died 277 H), he said of himself:

“I counted the distance I walked on foot [in my journey of seeking knowledge] and found it to be over 1,000 Farsakh [1]!

I kept track of the distance I travelled, until I reached 1,000 Farsakh at which point I stopped counting”.

He then goes on to describe the multiple cities he travelled to while walking on foot, and then says:

“… and that was during my first journey which took place while I was 20 years old and lasted 7 years. I then travelled for a second time and my age at that time was 47 years old” [2].

Sh. Muhammad Husein Ya’kub commented saying:

“Look at the condition of that amazing man, and how much he travelled walking on foot, then look at how he left again [for a second journey] at the age of 47, so that you may know that knowledge does not end with a certain age, rather knowledge is sought from the cradle to the grave” [3].


[1] One Farsakh is around 5km to 6km! … So notice –May Allah elevate your ranks and increase you in knowledge- how far that man travelled seeking knowledge walking on foot, and how we are held back from seeking knowledge while all the means of transportation and communication has been facilitated for us.

[2] Introduction of Al-Jarh wa Al-Ta’deel p. 359

[3] Muntalaqaat Taalib Al-‘Ilm p. 127-128

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