Abu Abul-Malik ibn Al-Farisi said: Abu Hazaan narrated to me about Al-Awzaai, he said: Mustard [plant] was mentioned – and Al-Awzaai used to love it or use it as a remedy – So a man from the people of Saffuriya (i.e. city of Sepphoris) said: I will send you from it, O Abu Amr, for it grows in the wild all around us.

He (i.e. Abu Hazaan) said: So he sent him from it a parcel and sent along with it some questions.

So Al-Awzaai sent the Mustard to the market and had it sold, and then took its price and bought with it papers, in which he answered the man’s questions, and sent back to him saying:

I have not done what I did because of something that may displease you, however, you have sent with it questions, and I feared that it may be seen as a payment for my answers.


The Biography of Imam Al-Awzaai – Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem


Indian mustard - alsiratalmustaqeem