The complete name of Shaykh Al-Islam (May Allah shower him with Mercy) is: Abu Al-Abbas Ahmad ibn Abdul Al-Haleem ibn Abdul Al-Salaam ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad ibn Al-Khidr ibn Muhammad ibn Al-Khidr ibn Ali ibn Abdullah, but he is more famously known as Ibn Taymiyah Al-Numairi Al-Haraani Al-Dimashqi Al-Hanbali.

Taymiyah (May Allah shower her with Mercy) was the mother of his great grandfather Muhammad.

She was a well known preacher and narrator, and this Noble House became attributed to her.

May Allah shower her Mercy


[1] Biography of Ibn Taymiyah from introduction of ‘Al-Furqan bayn Awliya Al-Rahman wa Awliya Al-Shaytaan’ (Dar ibn Rajab print) with the examination and commentary by Abu Amr Al-Athari