Imam Ahmad said when speaking of Al-Layth Ibn Sa’d:

Al-Layth has profound knowledge and his narrations of Hadeeth are authentic. There is no one among the Egyptians more reliable than him.

How authentic is what he narrates!

I saw from whom I saw and none are like him, he had a Faqeeh’s body[1], his tongue was Arabic, he perfected his recitation and grammar, and had memorized Hadeeth and Poetry, and was great in his memory … 

Then Imam Ahmad counted other beautiful attributes of Al-Layth ibn Sa’d [2].

May Allah shower them with Mercy


[1] The actual Arabic used is (فقيه البدن) i.e. Faqih Al-Badan, is a phrase sometimes used by Scholars to describe whomever from the People of Knowledge who had profound knowledge of Fiqh and reached to such an excellence that it seemed that this Fiqh had intermingled with their Flesh, Blood, Body, and Soul.

[2] Tahzeeb Al-Asmaa 2/382

قال أحمد بن حنبل: الليث كثير العلم، صحيح الحديث، ليس فى هؤلاء المصريين أثبت منه، ما أصح حديثه، فقال أحمد: رأيت من رأيت، فلم أر مثل الليث، كان فقيه البدن، عربى اللسان، يحسن القرآن والنحو، ويحفظ الحديث والشعر، حسن الذاكرة، وعد خصالاً جميلة عنه