Imam Ahmad said:

Whenever I remember Death, everything from the matters of the Dunya (this worldly life) becomes worthless [in my eyes], and it is simple food [that would suffice], and simple clothing [that would suffice], and it is only a few days, and I would not replace this poverty at all.

Al-Marwazi said: Whenever death was mentioned to Imam Ahmad, the tears would choke him, and he used to say: Fear prevents me from eating food and drinking [1].


[1] Tareekh al-Islam (81/18) by Al-Thahabi

قال الإمام أحمد: إذا ذكرت الموت هان علي كل شيء من أمر الدنيا, وإنما هو طعام دون طعام, ولباس دون لباس, وإنها أيام قلائل, ما أعدل بالفقر شيئا.ـ

قال المروزي: كان الإمام أحمد إذا ذكر الموت خنقته العبرة, وكان يقول: الخوف يمنعني أكل الطعام والشراب.ـ