It was said to Imam Ahmad, in the time of the Mihna (i.e. the trials of Khalq Al-Quran): Oh Abu Abdullah, do you not see how Falsehood has gained the upper hand and manifested itself over the Truth?

So he said: No, for falsehood to gain the upper hand and manifest itself over the Truth, the hearts would have to move from Guidance to Misguidance, and our hearts are still standing firm with the Truth [1].


[1] Manaqib Al-Imam Ahmad by Ibn Al-Jawzi, p.311

قيل للإمام أحمد – أيام المحنة-: يا أبا عبد الله, ألا ترى الحق كيف ظهر عليه الباطل؟ فقال: كلا, إن ظهور الباطل على الحق: أن تنتقل القلوب من الهدى إلى الضلالة, وقلوبنا بعد لازمة للحق.ـ