Sh. Ahmad Fareed (May Allah preserve him said) [1]:

Allah [Exalted is He] praised his Messenger [Blessings and Peace of Allah upon him] and said: {And verily, you are on an exalted standard of character (and sublime morality)} [Al-Qalam 68:4]

Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him and his father] said [commenting on this verse]:

“[Allah is saying that] You [Muhammad] are upon an exalted and sublime Religion, which no Religion is more beloved to Me than it or more pleasing to Me from it, and it is the Religion of Islam”

So Allah –the all Mighty- made the Religion in its entirety composed of: manners, character, and morals. So whoever surpasses you in morals and character has surpassed you in Religion.

Al-Hasan (May Allah shower him with Mercy) said [commenting on the verse]: [An exalted standard of character which] is the Characters and Manners of the Quran.

Ibn Al-Qayim (May Allah shower him with Mercy) said: You are upon the exalted standard of character which Allah has favoured you with in the Quran.

It was reported that Sa’d ibn Hishaam ibn ‘Aamir, when he came to Madeenah and went to Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her and her father) and asked her about some matters. He said: O Mother of the believers, tell me about the character of the Messenger of Allah.

She said: Do you not read the Quran? I said: Of course.

She said: The character of the Prophet of Allah was the Quran.

He said: I wanted to get up after that and not ask about anything else.

Al-Nawawi (May Allah shower him with Mercy) said: “[His character being the Quran] entails acting upon the Quran, stopping at its boundaries and adopting its morals. Taking admonishment from the stories and examples [of the people before], contemplating upon its verses, and reciting it in the best of manners”.


[1] Al-Tarbiya ‘ala Manhaj Ahl Al-Sunnah wa Al-Jamaa’ah p. 123-124