Abu Hamed Al-Ghazali –May Allah have mercy on him- said:

Every slave [of Allah] who is asked about his condition is between either: being thankful, complaining, or remaining silent.

[As for] being Thankful, [then it] is an act of obedience.

As for complaining [about your condition to others], then it is an ugly sin [especially when it comes] from the people of Religion. And how can it not be so when you are [in reality] complaining about the King of Kings who in His Hands are all things.

It is thus more appropriate of the slave [of Allah] if he isn’t able to be patient over the trials and the divine decree [that has befallen him], and his weakness leads him to complaining, then let his complain be to Allah –Glorified and Exalted is He- for He is the one capable of relieving and dispelling that tribulation.

And indeed in the Humility of the Slave [of Allah] to his Lord is Glory and Honour, while in complaining to others is shame and disgrace.


[1] Al-Muhazab min Al-Ihyaa 2/288

قال الغزالي رحمه الله: وكل عبد سئل عن حال فهو بين ان يشكر او يشكو أو يسكت. فالشكر طاعة. والشكوى معصية قبيحة من اهل الدين وكيف لا تقبح الشكوى من ملك الملوك وبيده كل شيء الى عبد مملوك لا يقدر على شيء. فالأحرى بالعبد ان لم يحسن الصبر على البلاء والقضاء وأفضي به الضعف الى الشكوى ان تكون شكواه الى الله تعالى فهو المبلى والقادر على ازالة البلاء وذل العبد لمولاه عز والشكوى الى غيره ذل وإظهار الذل للعبد مع كونه عبدا


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