The following verses are part of the Nuniyah of Ibn Al-Qayyim (May Allah shower him with Mercy), also known as (الكافية الشافية في الانتصار للفرقة الناجية) ‘Al-Kaafiyah Al-Shafiya fi al-Intisaar lil Firqa Al-Najiya‘. The poem is over 6,000 verses.

In these particular verses, Ibn Al-Qayyim (May Allah shower him with Mercy) gives a beautiful description of some of the rewards and pleasures which Allah has prepared for the Believers in the Hereafter, as was mentioned in the Quran or in Prophetic Traditions.

Our Contribution to this video has been editing a translation of these verses available online and then adding it to the video. May Allah reward everyone who contributed to this video with the best of this life and the hereafter, ameen.

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