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For details and a background of the poem and its story refer to the following link: https://alsiratalmustaqeem.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/wipe-away-your-tears-and-retreat-o-antara/

‘Wipe away your tears and retreat O ‘Antara!’ (كفكف دموعك وانسحب يا عنترة) is a powerful poem written by the Egyptian poet Mustafa Al-Jazaar (مصطفى الجزار). In it he describes the current state and condition of the Muslim Ummah.

He portrays the Muslim, saddened by the state of the Ummah, as ‘Antarah whom his love interest, ‘Ablah (seen as the Muslim Ummah in this poem), is complaining to him about her state and condition.

This poem was recited by Shaykh Muhammad Al-’Areefi during the Friday Khutbah of 18/01/2013.