Ibn Al-Mubarak said:

“I borrowed a pen when I was in ash-Shaam (Levant), and forgot to return it to its owner. When I later arrived at Merv [1], I looked and found that it is still with me, so I returned back to the land of Shaam until I returned it to its owner”.


[1] The ancient city of Merv is located in Turkmenistan today. The distance from Damascus in ash-Shaam to Merv is around 2,345 km!

[2] Source: Tareekh Madinat Dimashq 32/434. Quote taken from Sh. Munajjid page

قال ابن المبارك: "استعرت قلما بالشام فذهب عليّ أن أرده إلى صاحبه فلما قدمت مرو نظرت فإذا هو معي فرجعت إلى أرض الشام حتى رددته على صاحبه". المنتظم