Sufyaan Al-Thawri [May Allah shower him with Mercy] said:

A man would narrate to me a tradition which I have heard long before he was even born, but I am caused by [courtesy and] proper manners to listen to him carefully [until he is done]. [1, 2]


[1] May Allah have Mercy on Sufyan Al-Thawri and the Imams of the Salaf.

Compare this to how many “Students of Knowledge” today feel the need to interrupt the speaker just to demonstrate their “knowledge” and to show how they already have previous knowledge of that which is being said!

Indeed, the Imams of the Salaf sought knowledge for the sake of Allah, so it humbled them and Allah elevated them because of that, while nowadays many are seeking it for other reasons, so neither did it benefit them nor did Allah make in it a benefit for others.

Thus, if you find that knowledge did not humble you and make you courteous and well mannered, then maybe you ought to check your intention and ask yourself truthfully, why is it you are seeking knowledge: For the sake of Allah, or for the sake of fame and other reasons?

[2] Tareekh Dimashq 5/66

يقول سفيان الثوري – رحمه الله – إن الرجل ليحدثني بالحديث قد سمعته قبل أن تلده أمه فيحملني حسن الأدب أن أنصت واستمع له