Muhammad ibn Abi Hatem –  the penman/scriber of al-Imam Al-Bukhari – said:

When I used to accompany Abu Abdillah [Al-Bukhari] –May Allah shower him with Mercy- in some of his travels, we would never gather in the same room except occasionally at the times of extreme heat.

I used to see him getting up during a single night from 15 to 20 times!

During each of these times, he would take the Qaddaaha (i.e. a special metal or rock used in lighting fires), would start a small fire, and light the place. He would then get out the traditions and mark over them, then he would go back to sleep.

He used to [also wake up and] pray thirteen Rak’ahs at the time of the Sahar.

[Imam Al-Bukhari] did not wake me every time he woke up [during the night], so I told him [once]: You are burdening yourself in all of this and you do not even wake me up [to assist you].

So he said: You are [still] young, and I do not wish to ruin your sleep for you.

Sh. Muhammad Husein Ya’kub [May Allah preserve him] commented:

So, O Seeker of Knowledge …

What is your excuse?! With what are you deceiving yourself?! Until when will you remain inclined to relaxation and wastefulness?! You are struggling to spend just a few hours in reviewing and seeking, while you have been given these Blessings!! All the means have been provided for you and all the difficult matters have been made easy for you, yet you are still inclined to this World and after that, you keep saying: Knowledge … Knowledge …

How distant it is from you, how distant it is from you!!


[1] Muntalaqaat Taalib Al-‘Ilm p. 140-141

[2] Source of image below:

قال محمد بن أبى حاتم الوراق: كان أبو عبد الله إذا كنت معه فى سفر لا يجمعنا بيت واحد إلا فى القيظ أحيانا. فكنت أراه يقوم فى ليلة واحدة خمس عشرة مرة إلى عشرين مرة فى كل ذلك يأخذ القداحة فيورى نارا ويسرج ثم يخرج أحاديث فيعلم عليها ثم يضع رأسه. وكان يصلى وقت السحر ثلاث عشرة ركعة وكان لا يوقظنى فى كل ما يقوم, فقلت له: إنك تحمل على نفسك فى كل هذا ولا توقظنى. قال: أنت شاب ولا أحب أن أفسد عليك نومك.ـ

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