The Faqeeh and Muhadith ‘Amer Al-Shaa’bi [May Allah shower him with Mercy] was asked: From where did you gain all this Knowledge?!

So he said: By not depending [on others] [1], and by travelling across the Lands, and [through] patience as the patience of a mule, and by rising early as the rising of a crow [2].


[1] Sh. Abu Khalid Waleed ibn Idress [May Allah preserve him] said: meaning he does not depend on anyone, rather he relies only on Allah and then depends on himself. Similarly, Sh. Nabeel Al-Awadhi [May Allah preserve him], in his tape ‘Ulw al-Himmah, said: That is the first condition: I do not depend on others, rather exert my own effort and determination with his reliance upon Allah.

[2] Muntalaqaat Taalib Al-Ilm by Sh. Muhammad Hussein Ya’kub p. 137

قال الشعبي لما سئل: من أين لك هذا العلم كله؟ قال: بنفي الاعتماد، والسير في البلاد، وصبرٍ كصبر الحمار، وبكورٍ كبور الغراب