Imam Al-Shafiee, May Allah shower him with Mercy, took knowledge from a multitude of scholars in a variety of fields.

From his scholars in Mecca, whom he benefited a great deal of knowledge from, is the Faqeeh of Mecca: Muslim ibn Khalid Al-Zinji.

This qualified him to issue fatwas and take the place of his teacher when needed.

His teacher, Muslim Al-Zinji, told him:

“Issue fatwas, O Abu Abdullah, for the time has come for you to do so”.

Imam Al-Shafiee was fifteen years old at the time.


[1] Adopted by Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem from: Fuqahaa Munaadillun p. 108-109; Footnote p. 19-20 of ‘Imam Al-Shafiee’ book by Abu Zahra; Al-Intiqaa by Ibn Abdalbar p. 71.