Ibrahim ibn Ayub said:

Al-Awzaai arrived from Damascus, heading to the coast. He stayed with a brother of his in al-Karak, the village he grew up in.

The man presented dinner.

When the table was set up in front of him, al-Awzaai stretched his arm to grab something to eat.

The man said: Eat, O Abu Amr, and forgive us, since it’s not much, for you have come to us at a tough time.

Al-Awzaai returned his arm back to his side.

The man kept telling him to eat from the food, but he refused. After a while, the man raised the table, and they went to sleep.

When Al-Awzaai woke up the next day, the man followed him and said: O Abu Amr, what caused you to do what you did?

When the man insisted and repeated [the inquiry] many times, Al-Awzaai said: I was not one to eat from food that Allah was not thanked for; or [I was not one to eat from food] on which the blessings and the bounties of Allah were not appreciated!


[1] Al-Jarh wa Al-Ta’deel 1/209.

In this narration, Al-Imam Al-Awzaai points attention to some words which some of us might say and not realize or pay attention to the meanings behind them, as what happened with that man, since al-Imam al-Awzaai saw in the words of that man an indication that he was belittling the Blessings of Allah on him, and is not being fully grateful for them.

We ask Allah to be from those who utter only that which pleases Him.

سمعت ابراهيم بن ايوب يقول: أقبل الاوزاعي من دمشق يريد الساحل أو أقبل من الساحل يريد دمشق فنزل بأخ له في القرية التي نشأ فيها وهي الكرك فقدم الرجل عشاءه فلما وضع المائدة بين يديه ومد الاوزاعي يده ليتناول منه قال الرجل كل يا ابا عمرو واعذرنا فانك اتيتنا في وقت ضيق، فرد يده في كمه واقبل عليه الرجل يسأله ان يأكل من طعامه فأبى فلما طال على الرجل رفع المائدة وبات فلما اصبح غدا وتبعه الرجل فقال يا ابا عمرو ما حملك على ما صنعت؟ والله ما افدت بعدك مالا وما هو الا المال الذي تعرف، فلما اكثر عليه قال: ما كنت لاصيب طعاما قل شكر الله عليه أو كفرت نعمة الله عنده