Abu Amr Al-Awzaai said [to his son Muhammad]:

O my son, if we were to accept from the people all that they offered us, it won’t be far before we lose our status [1] in their eyes [2, 3].


[1] Or become degraded and despised

[2] Hilyat al-Awliyaa 6/143; Tareekh Ibn ‘Asaakir 35/199

[3] This statement appears to be in response to Al-Awzaai refusing and returning back the money that was ordered for him by Abu Ja’far Al-Mansour (the Caliph at the time), after al-Awzaai advised him. Al-Awzaai (may Allah shower him with mercy) then said the above statement after his son asked him for the reason behind this action of his.

حدثني محمد ابن الأوزاعي حدثني أبي قال يا بني لو كنا نقبل من الناس كل ما يعرضون علينا لأوشك أن نهون عليهم