Abu Amr al-Awzaai wrote to a brother of his saying:

After which,

Indeed, you have been surrounded from all directions, and know that you are being taken along [a path] day and night, so be wary of Allah and of your standing in front of Him, and of what may be your last encounter with Him.

wa al-Salam. [1]


[1] Hilyat Al-Awliyaa 6/140

كتب الأوزاعي إلى أخ له: أما بعد, فإنه قد أحيط بك من كل جانب وأعلم أنه يسار بك في كل يوم وليلة فاحذر الله والمقام بين يديه وأن يكون آخر عهدك به والسلام.ـ