Abu Qasim ibn Manee’ said:

I wanted to go to Suwaid ibn Sa’eed, so I said to Ahmed ibn Hanbal to write to him [about me], so he wrote: And this [is a] man [who] writes (or records) Hadeeth (Traditions).

So I said: Oh Abu Abdullah, [just or only that!] after all my years of service to you and after all the time I spent with you?! If only you wrote: This is a man from the People of Hadeeth.

So he said: A man of Hadeeth according to us is he who acts upon and uses the Hadeeth. [1]


[1] Manaqib al-Imam Ahmed by Ibn Al-Jawzi, p.208

قال أبو القاسم بن منيع: أردت الخروج إلى سويد بن سعيد, فقلت لأحمد بن حنبل يكتب له, فكتب: وهذا رجل يكتب الحديث. فقلت: يا أبا عبد الله, خدمتي لك ولزومي؟! لو كتبت: هذا رجل من أصحاب الحديث. فقال: صاحب الحديث عندنا من يستعمل الحديث.ـ