Abu ‘Amr Al-Awzaa’i –Rahimahu Allah- said:

Keep yourself patient upon the Sunnah, and stop where those before you have stopped … Say what they have said, and refrain from what they have refrained from.

Follow the path of your righteous Salaf, since what sufficed them would surely suffice you.

Imaan (Faith/Belief) would never be upright without Words …

And Words would never be upright without Action/Deeds …

And neither the Words nor the Actions would ever be upright without an intention that is in accordance with the Sunnah.

Those who have passed from among our Salaf did not distinguish between Imaan and Action, for Action is from Imaan, just as Imaan is from Action.

Imaan is but a comprehensive name, just as the [specifics of these] Religions are gathered under their names, and is proven through action.

So whoever believed with his tongue, and knew with his Heart, and validated that with his Actions, then that is indeed the most trustworthy handhold (al-‘Urwa al-Wuthqaa) with no break in it.

[But] whoever says with his tongue, but does not know with his Heart, and has not validated that with his Actions, then such would not be accepted from him, and he would be in the Hereafter from among the Losers.


[1] Tahzeeb Hilyat Al-Awliyaa 2/291

قال الأوزاعي إصبر نفسك على السنة وقف حيث وقف القوم وقل بما قالوا وكف عما كفوا عنه واسلك سبيل سلفك الصالح فإنه يسعك ما وسعهم

ولا يستقيم الإيمان إلا بالقول

ولا يستقيم القول إلا بالعمل

ولا يستقيم الإيمان والقول والعمل إلا بالنية موافقة للسنة

وكان من مضى من سلفنا لا يفرقون بين الإيمان والعمل العمل من الإيمان والإيمان من العمل وإنما الإيمان إسم جامع كما يجمع هذه الأديان اسمها ويصدقه العمل فمن آمن بلسانه وعرف بقلبه وصدق ذلك بعمله فتلك العروة الوثقى التي لا انفصام لها ومن قال بلسانه ولم يعرف بقلبه ولم يصدقه بعمله لم يقبل منه وكان في الآخرة من الخاسرين