Al-Awzaa’i [Rahimahu Allah] said: It has reached me that it will be said to the slave of Allah on the Day of Resurrection: Get up and go take your right from so-and-so.

He will say: But I have no rights with him!

So it will be said: Nay, he mentioned you on this-and-that day with such-and-such! [1]


[1] Shu’aab al-Eman by al-Bayhaqi 5/305

قال الأوزاعي: بلغني أنه يقال للعبد يوم القيامة: قم فخذ حقك من فلان، فيقول: ما لي قِبله حق!ـ فيقال: بلى، ذكرك يوم كذا وكذا بكذا وكذا!. ـ