One of the students of Al-Shaykh Al-Faqeeh Al-Zahid Ibrahim ibn Abdulwahid Al-Maqdisi -Rahimahu Allah-[1] narrates the following about him, he said:

And he advised me during the time of my travel, and said: Increase in reciting the Qur’an, and do not leave it, for the facilitation of what you seek will be dependent on how much you Read.

He said: So I witnessed that and I tried it many times, and found that if I recited [the Qur’an] abundantly, listening to and writing many ahadeeth (narrations) was facilitated [and made easy] for me, and when I did not recite, it was not facilitated for me.


[1] He is the brother of Al-Hafiz Abdulghani Al-Maqdisi -Rahimahu Allah-, author of ‘Umdat Al-Ahkaam.

[2] Zayl Tabaqaat Al-Hanabilah 1/222

قال: وأوصاني وقت سفري، فقال: أكثر من قراءة القرآن، ولا تتركه فإنه يتيسر لك الذي تطلبه على قدر ما تقرأ. قال: فرأيت ذلك وجربته كثيراً، فكنت إذا قرأت كثيراً, تيسر لي من سماع الحديث وكتابته الكثير، وإذا لم أقرأ لم يتيسر لي.ـ