Al-Waleed b. Mazeed said: Al-Awzai was at the door of a shop near the stairs of the Masjid of Beirut, and next to him was a shop owner selling Naatif (an Arabian Sweet), and besides him another shop owner selling onions and saying:

‘[Our Onion is] much sweeter than the Naatif’.

So Al-Awzai said:

Subhan Allah, does this man see no harm in lying?! [1, 2]


[1] Comment: What would he have said then, if he had seen all these false advertisements that happens during this time of ours! We ask Allah steadfastness upon our Religion

[2] Tareekh ibn ‘Asaakir 35/204

قال الوليد بن مزيد: كان الأوزاعي على باب دكان بحذاء درج مسجد بيروت، وحذاءه صاحب دكان يبيع فيه ناطفاً، وإلى جانبه صاحب دكان يبيع بصل، وهو يقول: يا أحلى من الناطف، فقال الأوزاعي: سبحان الله، ما يرى هذا بالكذب بأساً