Amr ibn Abdullah [May Allah be pleased with him] told his wife who was nursing a son of his:

“Do not let your nursing of your son be as the livestock nurse their offspring; done instinctively out of mercy for its young, rather nurse him seeking the reward of Allah, hoping that through your nursing shall live a creation, who believes in the Oneness of Allah, and worships Him” [1].


[1] Naseehat al-Mulook by Al-Maawardi p. 166

قال عمرو بن عبد اللّه – رضي الله عنه – لامرأته: " لا يكونن رضاعك لولدك كرضاع البهيمة ولدها، قد عطفت عليه من الرحمة بالرحم، ولكن أرضعيه تتوخين ابتغاء ثواب الله، وأن يحيى برضاعك خلق عسى أن يوحد الله ويعبده"